Mental Health in Pandemic Days

It is precisely these days that we need our mental health to be stable during the days when we get stuck in the houses! I will have some suggestions that I have compiled and edited by WHO.

Do not ignore the discourses of physicians and experts from the environment and the subject, not forgetting that these days are temporary.

It is really important to get the news from the right source. In addition to fake news circulating on Social Media, we need to adhere to the data and recommendations of the Ministry of Health, even the world-wide organizations, as well as certain news organs.
TVs almost every day, we have seen so many doctors that with their purposeful or aimless discourse ... I think my colleagues who sometimes make them laugh with their aimless discourses as much as COVID19 should talk about the psychological traumas that may cause the masses they worry about. In addition to the physicians who have done and have done studies, I believe that the fact that all kinds of experts have a say about COVID-19 is unwarranted nowadays.

I recommend keeping the pandemic news minimal. Pandemic News is now seen as the cause of most anxiety and stress related problems. Close your doors to stress, the less you read, watch, listen, the less you worry. It's ideal to take a look every two days.

Your routine, dear friends. Never refuse to win in new habits. Never avoid your personal hygiene-care.I think that the food we eat will be useful for you to calculate calories-calories in these days when our movements are limited.

Exercising at home has become even more interesting in today's conditions. You can even buy tools for doing sports at home from various web markets. Let me remind you that some paid Gym and Fitness Training applications on your phone are temporarily free.

It is important that we minimize the social contact, we should definitely stay away from crowded environments even if we go out.

Alcohol and Tobacco products should not be your friends on these days you are alone.

We need to put more emphasis on Online Activities. There are so many topics that we need to investigate. There are online courses on the internet these days, as an opportunity, these courses, especially related to foreign resources, will contribute to the development of your foreign language.

It is imperative that we reduce the time spent on the screen ... So much so that when we say Games - Social Media - News, we spend more than 5 hours a day, long-term use of eye defects-obesity etc. why can it be ...

Don't worry, just take care of yourself! Stay healthy!

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