The Highest Paying Jobs in America Based On LinkedIn Salary Data

The diagnosis is in: healthcare careers top the list of jobs with the highest base salary in the U.S., according to LinkedIn Salary.
It’s 2017. You may be thinking about making a career move or getting that salary bump you’ve always wanted. Well, you’re not alone. 90% of professionals around the world are open to new job opportunities.
To help you figure out your next career move, we’ve put together this list of the highest paying jobs in the U.S. according to LinkedIn Salary. The diagnosis? Heart and foot doctors round out the list, along with other healthcare, tech, and legal jobs.

If another eight years of school isn’t on your bucket list, don’t worry. These jobs point to growing industries in the broader U.S. economy, meaning you don’t necessarily have to be a doctor or engineer to get paid well. While the healthcare industry is growing faster than nearly every other industry, technology skills are the most in-demand among employers, and legal occupations are needed across every industry.
Highest Paying Occupations and Median Base Salaries in the U.S.:
  1. Cardiologist - $356,000 [150+ jobs]
  2. Radiologist - $355,000 [100+ jobs]
  3. Surgeon - $338,000 [600+ jobs]
  4. Pathologist - $225,000 [8,000+ jobs]
  5. Hospitalist - $220,000 [1,300+ jobs]
  6. Psychiatrist - $218,000 [1,500+ jobs]
  7. Dentist - $165,000 [2,000+ jobs]
  8. Tax Director - $161,000 [150+ jobs]
  9. Patent Attorney - $160,000 [100+ jobs]
  10. Anesthetist - $156,000 [600+ jobs]
  11. Podiatrist - $150,000 [70+ jobs]
If you’re thinking about finding a new job to increase your salary, here are a few LinkedIn tips to get you started on your job search:
  • Update your LinkedIn profile. Make sure your profile is up to date with a recent photo (think: showcasing a great smile if you’re a dentist), work experience, achievements, education, and skills.The more information you have on your profile, the more likely you will be discovered by recruiters, getting you one step closer to a new job.
  • Learn a new skill. Often, learning a new skill can increase your salary potential. Explore open roles on LinkedIn Jobs to see how your skills stack up to the competition and consider taking a LinkedIn Learning course to learn something new.
  • Do your research. Think about what you really want out of your next job. Make a list of priorities and research the companies you’re considering to ensure their values match with yours.
  • Be open to change. In some cases, it may be time to explore an entirely new profession with a higher annual salary. While becoming a doctor isn’t realistic for everyone, LinkedIn Salary gives you the ability to compare pay across different professions and fields. For example, you can compare how professionals in the finance industry are compensated versus those in the medical industry.  
  • Reach out to your connections and leverage your network. Having an “in” is a great way to get a leg up throughout the interview process. Reconnect with people in your network, like an old classmate or coworker, to see if they would be willing to make an introduction.
  • Be committed to finding your next play. Finding a new job can feel like a full-time job itself, but stay committed to your search.
This could be the start of a whole new career.
This list was created using data from LinkedIn Salary, which collects data from verified LinkedIn members. This data is current as of January 6, 2017 and may change.
For a job title to be considered, each title must have received 50 or more salary reports from LinkedIn members located in the U.S. The highest paying job titles were selected based on the median base salary reported. For job titles that report the same median base salary, we use the current number of job openings per title on LinkedIn as a tiebreaker. C-level jobs (e.g. CIO, CSO, etc.) were excluded from the analysis.
The results of this analysis represent the world as seen through the lens of LinkedIn data. As such, it is influenced by how members choose to use the site, which can vary based on professional, social, and regional culture, as well as overall site availability and accessibility.

January 10, 2017


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