Mental Health in Pandemic Days

It is precisely these days that we need our mental health to be stable during the days when we get stuck in the houses! I will have some suggestions that I have compiled and edited by WHO.

Do not ignore the discourses of physicians and experts from the environment and the subject, not forgetting that these days are temporary.

The Best Free iOS APPs for Doctors and Medical Students

Hello colleagues and followers !
Today i am gonna share with you applications for studying on iOS platform.
I have chosen just free apps for you, you can search them on Appstore.
I am not doing advertisement of Apple , i just prefer to Apple because of comfort for daily things and quality of Apps.
So, you will check what i am using and if you have advices you can comment under the that post. I will be waiting you !

Motivation for USMLE

Hello Dear followers... I collected for you the best motivation videos for USMLE on YouTube/
I was really excited when i saw some incredible methods and schedule tactics.
Soon i will share them here... 
I hope after these videos you will get something/// 

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Coronary Artery Disease or Ischemic Heart Disease

• Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the most common form of heart disease
• An estimated 330 000 people have a myocardial infarct each year
• Approximately 1.3 million people have angina each year

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Moves To Eliminate Low Back Pain

Moves To Eliminate Low Back Pain Chronic lower back pain, which affects countless Americansevery calendar year, is frequently caused with a sedentary way of life and/or heavy usage, which could seem just like you are damned in the event that you do, and you are damned in the event that you don't. But you are not!

Who is Avicenna ?

The generally accepted view that the Islamic philosophic tradition established by Fārābī (d. 339/950) came to an end with Ebn Rošd (Averroes, fl. 520-95/1126-98) has been challenged by scholars who have pointed to the continuity of that tradition in the East, principally in Iran, to the present day. In order to understand the point at issue, one must begin with Avicenna, as a disciple of Fārābī, which in many ways he was, but also as a thinker who attempted to redefine the course of Islamic philosophy and channel it into new directions. For to the extent that the post-Averroistic tradition remained philosophic, it moved in the directions charted for it by Avicenna in the investigation of both theoretical and practical sciences.

Top 5 Libraries in Kiev/Ukraine

The culture of anti-smoking and coworking has taken a good root in Kiev. Work in such places does not seem to be something exotic. Now very few people wonder what was before the birth of these spaces. However, all over the world, libraries are the alternative to so-called free spaces.
The Ukrainians, with the word "library" in their head, the image of something dusty, old and boring comes to mind. And no one really is sure whether they still exist.
We decided to test this, and at the same time to throw a few ideas, where you can work in peace and tranquility.