Drug,alcohol,smoke abuse social and hygienic significance and prophylaxis.AIDS and its prevention.

Dear My Friends and Colleagues,
Above all things my that work(publishing) based on scientific researches.We are who works for science we should raise awareness
to public.

Drugs , Alcohols and Smokes are the most popular issues on health care.

Doctors and Medical Workers must discuss effect of using drugs, alcohol and smokes.

And how we can shroud people who’re victims.
And for AIDS , prevention to the diseases which we can get by sexual activity are so important for our healthy next generation.

Especially (disease
AIDS) HIV is terrible virus.

Young people must realize protection process which they learned from official medical
societies.Therefore reconstruction of public will be more withitness to us.

Thanks to my family and my supporters i will share my research to you...

I hope will be helpful and utility to you...

My research which i allowed to share : Go

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