"The Golden Rules to 6 hours" on the USMLE Step 1


Hello guys !

I know so hard to focus on the USMLE preparation as for me it's like that and especially nowadays..

Because of social media, environmental factors takes too much times actually i can find more reasons..And there is a huge problem during the preparation you should study your lesson which we have to pass them in medical university.

But lets think how we will really be focused and concentrated to that exam.

I start to work up my individual studying schedule and system.

I thought some exact rules and i called them The Golden Rules to 6 hours.

Before starting to that rules there is a lot of main problems and my recommendation lets fix them.

  • Open your phone and see which application takes too much time and delete those are 

  • You don't need to delete all your social media's accounts so if it s necessary you should be deleted applications on phone but you can use or check your accounts for a few hours on computer.

  •  Use To do List for daily tasks. To buy something for home foods or technics ...

  • I think you are ready then Start to "The Golden Rules to 6 hours"

But don't forget these before these rules you should have completed upper parts

At first if you re like me i mean "new on that way" lets get hard basement for Step 1 with what i recommended to finish KAPLAN's Lecture Notes and Videos.

List of following the lessons(These re what i am doing )

  1. -Anatomy

  2. -Biochemistry and Medical Genetics

  3. -Pharmacology

  4. -Behavioral Science and Social Science

  5. -Immunology and Microbiology

  6. -Physiology 

  7. -Pathology

Finish these books during the 90 days for each day 30 page approximately.

So What is The Golden Rules to 6 hours ?

This is what i am trying to study 30 page each day during the 4 hours and than 2 hours let's check the Kaplan's Videos which you purchased.And follow the same task with videos.

When you will be finished then don't waste your time ! Start to just Kaplan's Videos an again and finish them during the 2 months but during the watching videos days you should start to First Aid .

This Information is right now what i am trying to realize . My advice don"t think to much just do it !


National Medical University O.O.Bogomolets


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