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The culture of anti-smoking and coworking has taken a good root in Kiev. Work in such places does not seem to be something exotic. Now very few people wonder what was before the birth of these spaces. However, all over the world, libraries are the alternative to so-called free spaces.

The Ukrainians, with the word "library" in their head, the image of something dusty, old and boring comes to mind. And no one really is sure whether they still exist.

We decided to test this, and at the same time to throw a few ideas, where you can work in peace and tranquility.

The Media Center of the French Center (Медиатека Французского центра) 

In Mediathek it is free and easy, there is no library officiality that has been remembered since childhood. If you have always dreamed of learning French or just learning more about France, then you should look here.

Despite the fact that almost all literature in French, here you can find Ukrainian translations, although there is not much of it, only one rack in the entire library. Basically, the shelves are filled with a wide variety of literature: from philosophy and ending with periodicals.

There are only three halls in the mediotheque. One of them is completely devoted to media materials. Eyes scatter at the sight of about 1500 discs with music and movies. In the second, you can use the computer and the Internet. The third hall is distinguished by the fact that there is a children's corner and shelves with French literature for the youngest.

Where: st. Gonchara, 84 (metro station Universitet)

Opening hours: Mon -Th. (12.00-19.00), Fri. (12-20.00), Sat. - 11.00 - 15.00.

For the record it is necessary: a passport with a residence permit, two photographs, to pay an annual contribution (180 UAH, for students at the French Institute at the time of study - free of charge)

Subscription: +

Reading room: +

Wi-Fi: +

Goethe-Institut Library (Библиотека Гете-института)

The Goethe Institute library is a place that inspires to learn. If you are stagnant in self-development, then it is worth to visit this modern library. From the abundance of new books, as well as more media materials (films, audiobooks and music in German), there is a desire to stay here forever. Practically all the literature is in German, but there is also German literature in Ukrainian, Russian (less than 10% of the entire fund).

In the library you can meet a schoolboy or a man of retirement age. Everyone can find a book of interests. Also very interesting is the structure of the library itself. There is no separate reading room - in fact, the racks share a large hall for several zones: a children's playground, a media platform, a zone with table games, a reading room and numerous bookshelves. You can also work on the computer. The whole year in the library are various kinds of events.

Where: st. Voloshskaya, 12/4 (metro station Kontraktova Square)

Work time: Tue. (11.00-15.00), Wed, Thu. (15.00-19.00); Fri. (15.00-20.00), collection (12: 00-17: 00).

For recording it is necessary: to be a student of courses from the Goethe Institute, or independently to issue a subscription for one calendar year at a price of 50 hryvnia (for students, schoolchildren and pensioners - 30 hryvnia), a passport with a residence permit.

Subscription: +

Reading room: +

Wi-FI: - (planned in the near future)

American Library (Американская библиотека)

This is one of these places, where the widest range of possibilities is offered. Even in summer there are regular readers here. Looking at long shelves with American literature, the desire to work appears from the first seconds. True, there is one "but" - all literature in English. But for every taste and for different specialties. There are both fiction and specialized (economics, journalism, sociology, philosophy), as well as periodicals.

The library is divided into three zones: green (you can eat, talk, watch videos, etc.), yellow (you can talk to each other, but not eat), red (here only read, studied and explored).

The library regularly hosts various events - from watching movies to meeting with American experts in various fields.

Where: st. Voloshskaya, 8/5

Working hours: пн.-чт. (10.00-19.00), Fri. (12.00-20.00, if there is a film screening, and 10: 00-19: 00, if without a movie).

For the record it is necessary: to be a student of the Kiev-Mohyla Academy, work at this university, or independently purchase an annual subscription (100 UAH), a passport with a residence permit.

Subscription: +

Reading room: +

Wi-FI: +

Library of the British Council (Библиотека Британского совета)

This library is special in that here you are given absolute freedom of action. And let the guests do not have the opportunity to take the literature on the subscription, they can easily work at the computer in the reading room or read books for every taste. And if you are bored, you can find something interesting in the media.

There is a lot of literature for teachers, as well as aids for exam preparation. In any case, the library can be useful for anyone who wants to improve their English skills, because all books and textbooks are in English.

The library is presented in one room, where all literature, computers and media materials are located.

Where: st. Voloshskaya, 12/4

Opening hours: Mon-Fri (09.00 - 20.00), Sat (10.00 - 18.30).

For recording it is necessary: to the reading room there is access without recording. For a subscription, you need to be a student of courses from the British Council.

Subscription: + -

Reading room: +

Wi-FI: +

The Peter Panch Library (Библиотека имени Петра Панча)

This is a library from childhood. A symbiosis of new trends and an already proven system. It smells of old books, but at the same time you can work on a stationary computer, or on your own laptop. High-speed internet is available for every reader.

In the old manner, the library has a connection with many libraries in Kiev, so they promise to get any book for the reader (if it is in the fund). You can take several books for a subscription in one month. Of the pros - there is a lot of modern literature, which is brought by the readers themselves.

Despite its age, the library lives an active life - there are regular workshops and book presentations. Also here they are attached to European tendencies, trying to unite the reading room and subscription.

Where: вул.Большая Васильковская, 90

Work time: Mon. (11.00-19.00), Fri. (11.00-18.00).

For the record you need: a passport

Subscription: + -

Reading room: +

Wi-FI: +

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