The Best Free iOS APPs for Doctors and Medical Students


Hello colleagues and followers !

Today i am gonna share with you applications for studying on iOS platform.

I have chosen just free apps for you, you can search them on Appstore.

I am not doing advertisement of Apple , i just prefer to Apple because of comfort for daily things and quality of Apps.

So, you will check what i am using and if you have advices you can comment under the that post. I will be waiting you !

1.Be Focused 

This app will help you when you have schedule or study plan hour by hour. So you can check details on web.They have 2 form of application Pro and Free type. I use free one.

2.Adobe Reader 

When you have pen for tablets, that app 's amazing.You can draw underline and you can take notes on .pdf file. 

When you have textbooks or any article, Adobe Reader will be waiting you!

3.Google Calendar 

Google Calendar 's the best app for schedules !

If you want to create study plan you should try to use Google Calendar.


Medical Reff. web site , Medscape has app. You can list drugs names and Dxs , diseases . I think usefull !


Like Medscape, good app for Medical Students.


According to the MDCalc website, more than one million healthcare professionals use the app every month, representing more than 190 countries. In the U.S., more than half of physicians use MDCalc.

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