The Highest Paying Jobs in America Based On LinkedIn Salary Data

The diagnosis is in: healthcare careers top the list of jobs with the highest base salary in the U.S., according to LinkedIn Salary.
It’s 2017. You may be thinking about making a career move or getting that salary bump you’ve always wanted. Well, you’re not alone. 90% of professionals around the world are open to new job opportunities.
To help you figure out your next career move, we’ve put together this list of the highest paying jobs in the U.S. according to LinkedIn Salary. The diagnosis? Heart and foot doctors round out the list, along with other healthcare, tech, and legal jobs.

Attention during the study ;)

Let's think about tactics for stages of preparations to USMLE!
My Recommendation start to check Dr.Suzanne M.Miller's article on noodle ...
That's why i decided to share her articles on my blog... Lets check !

Who is Dr.Suzanne M.Miller
Dr. Miller is a Harvard/Stanford-trained emergency physician and CEO of MDadmit medical admissions.

Link :  => HERE !

"The Golden Rules to 6 hours" on the USMLE Step 1

Hello guys !
I know so hard to focus on the USMLE preparation as for me it's like that and especially nowadays..
Because of social media, environmental factors takes too much times actually i can find more reasons..And there is a huge problem during the preparation you should study your lesson which we have to pass them in medical university.
But lets think how we will really be focused and concentrated to that exam.
I start to work up my individual studying schedule and system.
I thought some exact rules and i called them The Golden Rules to 6 hours.
Before starting to that rules there is a lot of main problems and my recommendation lets fix them.