The Best Free iOS APPs for Doctors and Medical Students

Hello colleagues and followers !
Today i am gonna share with you applications for studying on iOS platform.
I have chosen just free apps for you, you can search them on Appstore.
I am not doing advertisement of Apple , i just prefer to Apple because of comfort for daily things and quality of Apps.
So, you will check what i am using and if you have advices you can comment under the that post. I will be waiting you !

Motivation for USMLE

Hello Dear followers... I collected for you the best motivation videos for USMLE on YouTube/
I was really excited when i saw some incredible methods and schedule tactics.
Soon i will share them here... 
I hope after these videos you will get something/// 

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Coronary Artery Disease or Ischemic Heart Disease

• Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the most common form of heart disease
• An estimated 330 000 people have a myocardial infarct each year
• Approximately 1.3 million people have angina each year

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Moves To Eliminate Low Back Pain

Moves To Eliminate Low Back Pain Chronic lower back pain, which affects countless Americansevery calendar year, is frequently caused with a sedentary way of life and/or heavy usage, which could seem just like you are damned in the event that you do, and you are damned in the event that you don't. But you are not!